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With GetABus.bg you can easily find the most comfortable and suitable vehicle for your trip, whether you are looking for an 8 + 1 passenger van, a compact small car, a standard sedan, a limo, an SUV, an Off-road beast or a big bus. We guarantee you not only a great trip, but the optimal solution for safety, convenience and economy at a competitive price.


From Getabus.bg you can rent a car, SUV, minibus or bus.

It doesn’t matter for what period are you renting. With our fleet you can safely travel abroad.

Here you can see our fleet, which we rent, the conditions under which we rent these vehicles, their prices, and also look at their photos and trim extras.

You can learn what you need to rent a car from us and what are the steps to rent it.


You can trust us your transfer.

We offer different types of transfers, both standard airport transfers to selected hotels, and free transfers from A to B.

With us you can choose between different types of transfers. You can set the number of passengers and what vehicle you want to travel with.

We offer both luxury and budget alternatives to the various transfer services