About Getabus.bg

The mission of Getabus.bg

Our goal and mission is to make your trip enjoyable. We are taking care of the convenience and comfort of our customers and partners. We are providing quality cars, friendly service and everything you need for an unforgettable trip or business journey at affordable price.

Our vision for Getabus.bg is to become a recognizable brand for anyone planning a trip. To be a reliable and preferred partner of any organization, company, club or group of friends who travel frequently.

The story behind Getabus.bg

In 2016, we began an adventure that has become our business. The story brings us back to a trip to the Alps. It has become a guide to what not to do when traveling at long distances. We wanted to travel together for our winter vacation in Zillertal and we didn’t wanted travel with more than one car. So we hired a new, rather large van that turned out to be not economical, but at the same time it was uncomfortable and slow. Traveling was nightmarish, uncomfortable and cost us a little more than if we were traveling with our cars. It left us with a number of unpleasant memories and the high cost for the rent and fuel.

After that trip we said nevermore and we understood the need for this type of service – To be able to rent a comfortable and economical 8 + 1 bus, which offers comfort for 9 people and their luggage, while being at competitive price.

So we did our research, looked at the market and tested the various options for 7 + 1 and 8 + 1 buses. Our criteria were comfort, security, economy and big luggage space. After numerous attempts at different vehicles, we have found that the Mercedes Vito Extra Long is the optimal solution. Extremely comfortable with individual seats offering great comfort for both the driver and every passenger. So when you are traveling with us you can get all this at competitive prices.