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Getabus.bg for the most comfortable journey…

Our mission is to make the trip enjoyable. To take care of the convenience and comfort of our clients and partners. To provide quality cars, friendly service and everything needed for a memorable trip or business trip at affordable prices. Book your van now! Our vision is Getabus.bg to become a recognizable brand, for anyone planning a trip. To be a sure and preferred partner of any organization, company, club or group of friends who travel often. The goals we set are strategic contracts with different organizations, expansion of the fleet and increase of our working places. Our story began from a trip to the Alps in the year 2016. It became a guide to how not to travel with awkward vans, though brand new, and lauded. You left a number of unpleasant memories in each of us, but at the expense of the high price we paid for the rent and the fuel. There were no options for choosing vans. We immediately found out that there is a need for such a service with much higher quality and at a competitive price. We studied the market and tested the different options for Vans 7 + 1 and 8 + 1 in the context of convenience, security, economy and volume of the luggage compartment. We have found out that Mercedes Vito Extra Long is the optimal solution that satisfies the above criteria. They are extremely comfortable with individual seats and offer great comfort for both driver and passenger. With Getabus.bg you can get all this at competitive prices. In just a few months we managed to interact with a number of sports clubs, travel agencies, hotels, theatres, companies with diverse activities and also with not a few fans of travel with friends around the world and in Bulgaria.

Manager and co-owner of Getabus.bg is Kiril Georev. He is an entrepreneur who deals with the development of several companies. His main understanding is that development and growth go through two things-the absolute satisfaction of each client and the parallel setting of big and difficult goals, for the achievement, which is needed the entire resource of the organization. Getabus.bg ensures that your journey will be a wonderful experience. We give you comfort and convenience. We guarantee economical cars at a competitive price. In fulfilling our commitment, we will expect your positive assessment and good word for Getabus.bg to your friends.