With GetABus.bg you can find the most suitable, convenient and advantageous offer for transportation for you, your guests, customers or friends.

We guarantee you not only a great trip, but an optimal solution for safety, convenience and economy at a competitive price.

The services wich make difference

What we offer is not just a service – It is special care to your transportation needs.

Your search may be specific and we are certain that for it we have the specific service. But what we are particularly good at is to advise you what would be the right service for you.

You can get yourself acquainted with our services or you can contact us to find the right deal for your transportation service.

About Getbus.bg and what makes us helping you

Getabus.bg is an adventure story that friends started 4 years ago, which has evolved into our business.

 What sets us apart is that we do things as if we organized them for ourselves.

 Before this adventure, just like you and we were customers of the transportation sector and its services. Its disadvantages, inconveniences and discomforts made us think about how to change and improve them

That’s how Getabus.bg was born. We knew from the start what we should do, we learned the rest from the experience

Our fleet

Our vehicles are the face of our business. They represent our attitude towards you and our work.

We value the individual treatment and therefore have made sure to provide you with a diverse fleet of cars, SUVs, vans and buses.

For each class of vehicle, we offer different options, both luxury and budget.

Our team

Our services and our vehicles would not exist without our team.

We are friends building a common idea and horizon. We believe that our work sets us apart and by working together we grow.

Each of us is a professional in a different field and thanks to our different stories and biographies, we have built together the diversity that is Getabus.bg now!

Our community

We bought our first vehicle 4 years ago, then it was on 173,000 km.

At the moment, the total mileage of the vehicles in our fleet is just over 2,700,000 km.

Over the last 4 years and nearly 3 million kilometers on the roads of Europe and Bulgaria, we met so many wonderful people that our new friends have grown as kilometers have passed.

Each of our clients, individual or corporate, leaves their mark, and we add it to the huge community we have built with you!

Contact us

Since everything can happen along the way, what makes us different is the ability always to contact us and we will assist you always and we will give you an advice.

You can ask us at any time for your journey or the preparation for it.

You can count on us!